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 We don't stop experimenting when we get old
we get old when we stop experimenting. 
VALVES Octal, B7G, B9G, USA, pre-war 4, 5, 7 pin, Mullard, Marconi, Brimar, Tungsram, Ken-Rad, General Electric, RCA, Westinghouse, Raytheon, Ampex, Mazda, Philco, GEC, Emitron, W^D, JAN-CKR, VR..., 10E/..., Marconiphone, Ever Ready, Hytron, CV..., JAN, ZA..., More MICROWAVE 10 GHz, 24 GHz, wavemeter, calibrated attenuators, waveguide, directional couplers, detectors, bends, twists, klystrons, transitions, More  
QUARTZ CRYSTALS Fundamental, overtone, 0.2", 0.5" spacing, for timing, markers, close spaced frequencies for I.F. filters, B7G, mixed overtones for roofing filters, More ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Variable capacitors for VFOs, microphones, headphones, switches, meters, Qwerty keypads, joysticks, variable inductor, cross-tracked Veroboard, More  

  MECHANICAL Slow motion drives, counter, pressure gauge, Fresnel lens, taps and dies, More
  ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Oscilloscope, telephone handset, EHT variable psu, Collins R390A/URR receiver, More
  RADIO EQUIPMENT R390 Power supply, ROBERTS portable radio, 70cm RX front end, Marconi aircraft long wire ATU, 400 MHz receiving amplifier, More COMPUTERS BlackBerry 8100 parts, 5.25" floppy disk drive, More
BOOKS Digital Signal Processing, Unix, Visual C++, C Compiler, Word Perfect, PIC controller, Lotus 123, More
ELECTRICAL Pocket TV, Auto transformer, synchronous motors, Marconi High Power ATU, Telescopic Antenna, More GENERAL Tow rope, first day covers, slide storage album, Iranian banknotes, More  
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